Bangalore Broadside Mk 2

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The latest generation in the long line of Bangalore Bird Scarers – the Bangalore Broadside Mk 2. Our most advanced and reliable Bangalore Bird Scarer yet.

  • Adjusts its clock automatically for the start and end of British Summer Time
  • Stays silent automatically when the NFU recommend – if you want.
  • Set and Forget – set up once then forget about it.
  • Tamper resistance to deter fiddling.
  • Our most reliable electronics and solar panel yet.
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The Bangalore Broadside Mk 2 is our most advanced bird scarer ever.

With more features, control and automation than ever before, the Bangalore Broadside Mk 2 takes crop protection to a new level of ease and control.

  • Best ever electronics – completely new, redesigned control board for our best ever reliability and ease of use
  • Better Solar Panel – best-ever weather resistance and even better charging
  • Automatic Time Changes – automatically changes its clock at the start and end of British Summer Time so you don’t have to
  • Set and Forget – easy to use straight out of the box. Set it up once and you’ll not have to go back to it.
  • Automatic sunset and sunrise activity – just tell the Bangalore where it is and it’ll know the times of sunrise and sunset every day thereafter
  • Automatic days off – option to fall silent on Sundays and Bank Holidays
  • Lie ins, early starts, late nights, early nights – Options to extend or stop

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Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 86 × 53 × 23 cm