The Bangalore Broadside Bird Scarers

The latest generation of bird scarers from Michael Williams Engineering

We've been making bird scarers since 1974. The Bangalore Broadside Mk 2 is our latest generation, making crop protection more reliable, easier and more hassle-free than ever.



Our Arrangements at Michael Williams Engineering Ltd

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The Latest Generation of Bangalore Bird Scarers

Our most reliable, easiest-to-use bird scarer ever

The Bangalore Broadside Mk 2 is easy to use, hassle-free and more reliable than ever.

Bangalore Broadside Mk 2

In stock and ready to ship

When you need a bird scarer, you need it right now. Order now and get your fields protected before the cold weather bites.


Spare parts for Bangalore bird scarers

We've been making bird scarers since 1974 and can support all of them today. Whether you need a battery charger for your Bangalore Broadside Mk 2 or a photocell for your original Bangalore Bomber, we can help.

Bangalore Features

What makes the Bangalore Broadside Mk 2 our most advanced bird scarer yet?

We've listened to our customers and have made the Bangalore Broadside Mk 2 easier to use, more reliable and more feature-rich.

  • All Metal Construction
    Built to Last

    The Bangalore Broadside Mk 2's all-metal construction is built to withstand all weathers. With no plastic components to go brittle in the sun and break.

  • Most Advanced Electronics Yet
    Easy to use - best ever reliability

    We've completely redesigned the electronics from scratch. The Bangalore Broadside Mk 2 is now easier than ever to program with our best reliability yet.

  • Best Ever Solar Panel
    Improved charging and weather-resistance

    Our new solar panel is made just for us. With far superior charging efficiency and our best ever weather resistance, it will keep your Bangalore Broadside Mk 2's battery topped up indefinitely.

  • Tamper Resistant
    Deters fiddling and tweaking

    One of our most requested features from our customers was a simple way to deter tampering. Just slip your own padlock through the lid to secure it. Deters tampering with your program or turning the gun off.

  • All the features you love
    Half-hour slots, automatic clock changes, automatic NFU compliance

    The new Bangalore Broadside Mk 2 has many more features that makes protecting your crops easier than ever.
    The Half-Hour slots and Test Fire button are still there.
    Add automatic clock changes at the start and end of British Summer Time, automatic sunrise and sunset compliance to keep you on the right side of the neighbours, early starts, late nights, lie-ins and early bedtimes...
    It's easy to use straight out of the box or offers you the most tailored scaring patterns you want.

  • The Bangalores have always been better at scaring birds away than other gas bangers we've tried.

    Arable Farmer, Cambridgeshire

  • The Test Button is the best thing ever! I can be back in the farmhouse with my feet up instead of waiting around in the cold and wet.

    Fruit Farmer, Lincolnshire

  • We've been using Bangalore Broadsides to protect our crops since 2008. Nothing else comes close.

    Estate Manager, Yorkshire

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