About the Bangalore Broadside Mk 2

The Bangalore Bird Scarers are agricultural gas-gun bird scarers from Michael Williams Engineering Ltd

We’ve over 40 years experience in designing and manufacturing bird scarers, right up to our current Bangalore Broadside Mk 2 model.

The Bangalore Broadside Mk 2 Bird Scarer - Set and Forget

Bangalore Broadside Mk 2 - Set and Forget

Since the Bangalore Bird Scarers were first developed in the early 1980s, we’ve constantly improved and refined the Bangalores to make the best use of new technologies and customer ideas.

The Bangalore Broadside Mk 2 is the latest in a long line of Bangalore Broadside Bird Scarers.

We asked the best experts we knew – our customers – for their feedback. And the response was overwhelming.

We’ve taken all our customers’ ideas on board and have developed – what we feel – might be the world’s most advanced electronic bird scarer.

Easy to use

Fires only during daylight hours - all year round

The Bangalore Broadside Mk 2 knows when sunrise and sunset occur and will automatically fire only during daylight hours, if you wish.

Just set it up once – tell it the time, date and location, and it’ll automatically comply with the NFU guidelines forever more.

And you can easily over-ride these features if you want more advanced scaring options.

Automatically adjusts its clock for British Summer Time

Automatically puts its clock back at the end of October and forward again at the end of March.

It’s a cold, dark Sunday in October and you’ve got to go round all your bird scarers scattered throughout all your fields to put the clock back an hour.

Not with the Bangalore Broadside Mk 2. It automatically puts its clock back an hour at the end of British Summer Time each October.

And at the end of each March, it automatically puts its clock forward an hour for the start of British Summer Time.

Some of our customers have 70+ Bangalore Bird Scarers – imagine the time it’ll save you!

New Electronics - Best Ever Reliability and Ease of Use

Brand new electronics - best ever reliability and ease of use

Best Ever Reliability

We’ve redesigned the control board from scratch.

It’s far easier to program than ever before but offers tailored bird scaring patterns to get the right level of scaring just right for you.

And reliability was very much a priority. The Bangalore Broadside Mk 2 control panel is our most reliable and robust yet.

Tamper resistant to deter fiddling

Tamper Resistant to deter Fiddling

One of the most requested features by our customers was a simple means of securing the Bangalore Broadside to deter tampering.

Just slip your padlock through the holes in the lid and secure. Stops opportunistic mucking about with your program, disconnection of the battery or turning it off.

Test Fire Button for Peace of Mind

The Famous Bangalore Broadside Test Fire Button

It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s starting to get dark. You’ve just set your bird scarer up and you want to make sure it’s going to work without having to hang around.

Just tap the Test Fire button.

You’ll get a 15 second countdown before your Bangalore Broadside Mk 2 fires a test shot.

You can then leave it knowing that it’s set up correctly and is going to protect your crops while you get back in the warm.

Bangalore Timeline

The history of our world renowned bird scarer