How Easy Is It To Set Up A Bangalore Broadside Bird Scarer?

It’s very easy to get going with the Bangalore Broadside.

It has a quick-start mode which takes less than a minute to set up which will get you going with some basic settings.

Just tell it:

  • the date
  • the time
  • the county you’re in
  • How many times you want it to bang when it goes off
  • How many times you want it to go off every half-hour

When set up in Quick Start mode, your Bangalore Broadside will automatically:

  • Start firing at sunrise
  • Stop firing at sunset
  • Stay quiet on Sundays and bank holidays

As the day length changes throughout the season, your Bangalore will calculate the time of sunrise and sunset each day and will automatically adjust its firing patterns to take this into account.

You don’t need to keep going back to it to adjust it as the day lengths get longer.

Do I have to use these settings?

Not at all. The Bangalore still gives you the option to change any setting you want. The Quick Start mode gets you going quickly, but you can really tailor and fine-tune your scaring patterns to fit your exact needs.

What happened to the half-hour slots?

They’re still there. Use the classic Bangalore mode to set the number of reports per half hour, just like the previous versions of the Bangalore.